Moonlit Cabin

Just finished my small 5×7 cross stitch I was working on lately. Will post (maybe?) later about. So that means, I’m starting a new cross stitch today.

Yes, I have 2 huge projects that are incomplete. But I have a goal with these small ones I am doing.

I initially bought the small cross stitch to get myself back into sewing. I have those huge projects that wore me out, so I took breaks from them. Took such a break that when I returned to finish the outlining on one, I was bored. I had lost my enthusiasm with cross stitch, which I really love to do. I took to the craft store and bought a small kit to start from scratch and get myself motivated. Well it worked, because I actually finished this one.

So I got to thinking that since these are such small projects, and if I work on them diligently, I can get one done in 2-3 weeks, if that long even. What a great Christmas gift they would make. The kits are cheap (about 10 bucks, but Hobby Lobby spits out a 40% off coupon every week I can use). I can frame them myself, cutting my own mats and buying all that half off at Hobby Lobby as well. They usually always have mats and frames 50% off. I’m also going to search Ebay for the kits to see if I can find them even cheaper, and possibly the frames too. So I could make these for about $20 bucks each (or less if I find deals) but they would be worth so much more.

Now, I’m not letting myself go overboard though like I normally do. Normally, I get so excited and get so ambitious. I might have run out and bought about 10 kits and started going crazy. Christmas would get here before we know it and I would be freaking out because I can’t get everything done, much less frame them all and blah blah blah. I am letting logic step in this time, because freaking out at Christmas is done without my help. I am buying the kits one at a time. Smart, right? I’m going to frame them asap as well. Just doing some research at the different shops right now to find out what frames I want to use and all that. But once I figure that out, I’m going to frame the one I finished, and not start the third project, until the second one is framed as well. I’m not going to overload myself and convince myself that everyone needs this as a gift. If I only give one to 2 people, then so be it.

So back to new cross stitch. The name of it is Moonlit Cabin and it will look like this:

It’s something new for me as well. I have never worked on dark cloth before. It’s always been white or cream. I’m not sure if it is different or not.

I’ll be posting in progress pictures and all that jazz as well. And if any family reads these posts, don’t think you might be getting one for Christmas. I might decide to not give them out at all!


~ by Leah Danielle on August 19, 2010.

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