Attack of the Face!

My face is attacking itself. Not really, but kinda.

Allergies have been horrible this weekend. So in response, my face has broken out in a rash. New habit of 2010. Does this about once a month now. And it makes me miserable. All around my nose and upper cheek area and eyebrows. It itches like crazy. So much that it hurts. I keep having to rub hyrdrocortisone on it every 30minutes or so. And yes, I am taking medicine. Claritin or whatever that crap is called.

I should go see a doctor, and/or allergist. But I don’t have the money to right now. Especially don’t have the money since I’m in between insurance. So I have to endure the pain. It will go away soon hopefully.

In other news, I am currently accepting donations for the “Leah is broke” fund. All donations greatly appreciated, no matter the amount. Got a dollar? I’ll take it. Got a quarter? I’ll take it. Got a penny? I don’t think I’ll take that. I have to draw the line somewhere.


~ by Leah Danielle on July 19, 2010.

One Response to “Attack of the Face!”

  1. sorry my dollars are already going to ‘i have a kid’ fund and sad to say they suck up my pennies too.

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